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Sabine Fischer is an established Pilates teachers based in the local area since 2007.

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Sabine’s Pilates classes improve muscle tone and posture without bulking up, so you not only improve your footwork but look better as well.

Sabine is constantly monitoring everyone in the class so it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

The classes are small enough for Sabine to keep an eye on each of us and adjust as required.

Despite some old injuries, I have found the classes to be most helpful in keeping my body both strong and fit.


I genuinely feel that working with Sabine has revolutionised my life. I can walk much better in flat shoes due to more flexibility in my ankle and more balanced hips – something I haven’t done in over twenty years! I feel more centred mentally and able to deal with the stresses that busy life can throw our way!


I attend very regularly Sabine’s Pilates classes. I do a lot of running and cycling so I wanted something to develop my core strength, not too high impact. And I get exactly this! Controlled, deep down exercises, good stretching.


I’m coming to your class once a week and I find I’m much stronger,
my body has changed shape. Everyone thinks I’ve lost weight which is not the case!
I will religiously continue with my weekly Pilates on top of my yoga – it’s good for the body and it’s good for the soul!

I enjoy the 1:1 sessions because they are tailor-made to me and my needs. I always feel amazing afterwards and really look forward to the next session.

I have heard about your classes from a friend, and straight away when I started I LOVED IT.

Thank you Sabine.

It is really worth it to put your exercise budget towards Sabine’s Pilates classes. They definitely make me feel better with my abs, my back and myself.

Don’t ask me to give up my weekly Pilates class. I feel so energised, stretchy and younger after it; I recommend it to everyone.

My osteopath recommended Sabine for one-to-one Pilates sessions.

Sabine was always very encouraging and able to describe how I had progressed which was very motivating. I’m pleased that after only five sessions my back is stronger and my posture has improved.

The benefits are huge and noticeable after just a few weeks. My posture is better and my core muscles are getting stronger. I have greater body-awareness and my balance has dramatically improved. I feel healthier and I look more toned. I recommend SantisPilates classes to everyone.

Sabine is an excellent instructor. From the very first session she gave me full confidence in both her Pilates expertise, as well as brilliant customer care, tailoring a personalised programme for me, in the convenience of my own home. And am happy to report that I saw (and felt!) marked improvement. I can’t recommend Sabine more highly.

After an hour Pilates with Sabine I am energised, look slimmer and feel 10 years younger!

Pilates is exactly what I need to improve my upper body strength for tennis. The fact that you target different muscle groups each week gives the whole body a thorough work out. It is a fun class and is a good warm up before playing tennis.

I have really enjoyed Sabine’s classes and am now a real fan of Pilates. It has improved my balance, flexibility and core strength. I was very sceptical before I began but would recommend anyone to try it – it definitely works for me!

I could feel myself becoming stiffer with age and I wanted to retain as much flexibility as possible for as long as possible.

Best result by far is that I can reach down and pick things up off the floor without groaning about it. I feel a lot more like I used to. Sabine’s class is physically ‘anti-aging’.