Be part of our community and join Body, Mind & Movement

As someone who has shown interest in  Pilates, I thought it would be nice to have you in my brand new Facebook group – Body, Mind & Movement.

You are very welcome to join us!

This group is for people like you, who have an interest in a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It is a friendly place where we can connect with each other, build relationships and can ask questions, get answers, share tips & ideas for a healthier, happier life.

I will be sharing my experience and knowledge to help you move with less pain; plus how to maintain a strong and healthy body to master your busy lifestyle.

I encourage you to be active in this group and use this place to comment and to share anything that moves you physically or emotionally. Things we can relate to, things that make us smile, things that are useful or things that need our support.

I really hope you can join me in my new group! Visit, click ‘Join Group’ and you’re ready to start commenting and sharing!

I am looking forward to seeing you soon at Body, Mind & Movement!


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