I’ve come across dry body brushing quite frequently recently on the internet. I have done it religiously over a few months and absolutely love the effect it has on my skin. Plus, it really wakes you up and makes you feel refreshed.

When I read one of the many articles on body brushing on the internet, I suddenly remembered that I have read about it already some years ago. And yes, I was right – Joseph Pilates mentions it in his book ‘Return to Life through Contrology’.

He writes a whole section about “Bodily House-Cleaning with Blood Circulation’.

Joe Pilates is known for interrupting his client’s shower after the workout to instruct him on proper cleanliness as he believes “… only a small minority really achieve thorough cleanliness”.

Apart from thorough cleanliness, what I really like about dry body brushing

  • it gives you softer skin – exfoliates and cleans pores
  • stimulates the lymphatic system to help the body to detoxify itself naturally
  • stimulates circulation
  • increases energy due to increased blood flow

Now, what kind of brush should you use?

Here again, Joe Pilates is very specific

“… use only a good stiff brush (no handle) since this type of brush forces us to twist, squirm and contort ourselves in every conceivable way in our attempts to reach every portion of our body which is otherwise comparatively easy to reach with a handle brush.”

Makes sense, but I have to admit, I have a brush with a handle…

Here is my brushing routine. Generally, brush towards the heart and use about 7-10 strokes for each area. Start with the sole of the foot, then with long soft strokes up the leg and butt cheek. Change to other side.

Repeat the same on the arms. Start with your palm and then long strokes up the arm.

Move on to the abdomen and lower back, skip the boobs, and do a few very gentle strokes from the neck down to your shoulders and down the back. Try it and let me know how you get on!

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