Mindful Pilates – new class!

Mindful Pilates is a unique combination of Hanna Somatic movement technique with Pilates exercises. Turn your awareness inside and experience your body from within. This class helps you to connect with your body even more than during a regular Pilates class. In the first part of the class you will learn simple yet effective movements […]

Let’s make 2016 the best Pilates year for you

The new year is still young and we are full of plans and ideas of what we want to achieve in 2016. And as we go forward it is also nice to take a look back to see what we have achieved over the last 365 days. My plans for SantisPilates for the year ahead […]

More options for you to choose from

Some of you mentioned that they would like to add an extra Pilates class to their weekly schedule and some of you would prefer a different time and more flexibility for their weekly Pilates fix. In response I have added the following two classes to give you more options: Thursday morning, 8:30-9:30 at St Andrew’s church […]

Somatics – simple, quick and effective pain relief

I have now completed my training as a Hanna Somatics teacher with Tanya Fitzpatrick from AlignSomatics. All the training, discussing, analysing and absorbing new information with a group of Pilates teachers, yoga instructors and massage therapists was very educational and highly enjoyable. But, what is somatics? And how can it help YOU? The beauty of […]