Let’s make 2016 the best Pilates year for you

look backThe new year is still young and we are full of plans and ideas of what we want to achieve in 2016. And as we go forward it is also nice to take a look back to see what we have achieved over the last 365 days.

My plans for SantisPilates for the year ahead are always based around you, my customers and how I can make a difference to YOUR life with my Pilates skills, offers and service.

First, let me have a quick look back at 2015:

After completing my Hannah Somatics teacher training in March 2015, I have used these simple, but very effective exercises successfully for private clients to release muscle tension and sneaked the odd somatics exercise into my Pilates group classes too.

During 2015 my teaching schedule expanded with an additional location – the new Health Town studio on West End Lane – and more classes at St Andrew’s church hall and the Cumberland Tennis Club. In November 2015 Anke Schroeder joined SantisPilates and we are now in the position to offer you at least one Pilates class every day of the week, except on Sundays.

In order to offer you more options and to make it easier for you to get your weekly Pilates fix, I introduced online booking with a flexible class pass system. So far it has been well received and I hope you also find it easy to use and see its benefits.

But now let’s look ahead at what SantisPilates will bring in 2016:

One of our biggest ambitions is to offer you Pilates equipment sessions. For over a year now I have been looking for a space or studio in our area to set up equipment sessions and I am not planning to give up on that idea. Hopefully it will come true in 2016! I will keep you posted!

Anke & I are planning Pilates events at the Cumberland Tennis Club to attract more people to Pilates. Plus we are considering to offer workshops based on specific topics for existing clients.

I am also thinking about organising a talk about Pilates, the history of Pilates and how it all began. Would you be interested?

Please let us know if there’s anything else you would like to see on the 2016 SantisPilates agenda.

For example:

  • Is there demand for a beginner course?
  • A certain class time that would suit you perfectly and is not on our timetable yet?
  • Smaller group classes? Bigger group classes?
  • Shorter classes – like a 40 minute lunch time Pilates boost?
  • Pilates for men only?
  • Gentle Pilates for people with back problems?

Just drop us a line with your thoughts at sabine@santispilates.com.

We appreciate your input as we want to make 2016 your best Pilates year so far!

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