Mindful Pilates is a unique combination of Hanna Somatic movement technique with Pilates exercises.

Turn your awareness inside and experience your body from within. This class helps you to connect with your body even more than during a regular Pilates class.

In the first part of the class you will learn simple yet effective movements that can help manage chronic pain, improve flexibility and reduce muscular tension and stress. For the second half of the class we will transition into the Pilates repertoire.

If you suffer from chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain have chronically tight muscles that cause pain and make you feel achy and tired after waking up in the morning or if you feel older than you actually are then you may be interested in exploring how your brain has ‘forgotten’ how to relax chronically tight muscles. Because the brain controls the muscles, it must also be involved in teaching them to relax, release and remember how to move easily and efficiently again.

The combination of Hanna Somatic movement education and Pilates exercises gives you a full body workout and helps to clear your mind. You’ll leave the class refreshed and more aware of your postural behaviours.

Give it try and book the class!

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