Prenatal Pilates with Camilla

Pilates during pregnancy is a safe and enjoyable way to exercise and helps to develop good core strength, a strong back and pelvic floor. Plus it helps to keep your energy levels up.

Classes are taught by Camilla Filoni and are designed to help you through the physical, mental and emotional changes during the different stages of your pregnancy.

Prenatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates offers different ways of relaxation, creates posture awareness and helps to meet the new demands placed on your body during that special time.

Our classes focus on strengthening your gluteal muscles, arms and legs with special attention on breathing patterns and on the pelvic floor muscles; the main muscles involved in childbirth.

We believe that good body awareness facilitates long term beneficial changes for a new mum, both during pregnancy and during the postnatal period. It also prevents common problems such as back ache, postural imbalances and poor circulation.

The classes are suitable from 13th week of pregnancy.

4 classes for £48 – you can purchase your class pass here and reserve your spot here.

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