Sabine Fischer

Sabine 159 roundOriginally from Switzerland, Sabine moved to London 15 years ago. She has a Modern Dance background but worked many years in the advertising industry until 2007 when she finally decided to train with the Pilates Institute in London to become a qualified Pilates instructor.

Since her qualification, Sabine has been teaching Pilates in Hampstead/NW3 and West Hampstead/NW6 for the last 8 years.

“Becoming a Pilates teacher has been one of my best decisions in life!”

Sabine thoroughly enjoys teaching in a group setting but also loves working with private clients on a one-to-one basis. “It is immensely rewarding to see how people’s bodies are improving and to play a part in people’s wellbeing, no matter what their age”.

Camilla Filoni

Originally from Italy, Camilla practiced and taught for many years both Classic and Modern Dance. She was awarded a degree in general biology (BsC), subsequently earned a PhD in Neuroscience and integrated her experience with a Master in Clinical Nutrition.

Once Camilla became a mum, she felt the importance of strengthening her body as soon as possible after the birth and that’s how she discovered Pilates. After  experiencing the benefits of Pilates in the postnatal period, Camilla decided to become a Pilates teacher and successfully completed a postgraduate training in pre- and postnatal Pilates.

Camilla strongly believes that “a happy mum means a happy baby” and she is very keen to share her experience with you in such a delicate moment of a woman’s life.